By David Ridealgh, Marketing Manager

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MEMBER BENEFITS: Strengthening knowledge networks to help our customers

We are delighted to have joined the water industry membership organisation British Water as part of our continual journey of growth and to ensure we build the strongest possible knowledge networks on behalf of our customers, says David Ridealgh, Marketing Manager at Amazon Filters.

British Water’s vision is to be the UK’s voice in the global water industry, supporting members and promoting all aspects of technical and commercial best practice.


British Water’s input informs regulation, legislation, codes of practice and technical standards and guidance.

There are a wide range of benefits to being a member of British Water, including opportunities to network and participate in conferences, meetings, workshops, technical forums and innovation exchanges. Information, representation and marketing support are all part of the mix.

As an organisation with extensive global reach, British Water has memorandums of understanding with equivalent trade associations in countries such as China and France. It works in partnership with the UK government’s Department for International Trade and our overseas embassies. It also sits on the UK Committee of the International Water Association and water sub-group of Infrastructure Exports: UK. 

Joining is a great way to strengthen our ties with more than 200 fellow members. Among them are water companies, universities, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.   

If you are a fellow member, we look forward to seeing you at a British Water event sometime soon. For more information, visit

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