May 18, 2020
Nobody Loves A Prefilter

The Thoughts of an Unappreciated Prefilter

You membrane filter guys get all the credit!  You say ‘We stop the bugs getting through. We guarantee the quality. Our performance is backed up by multiple reports and validation guides. We are the ones that really matter!’

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May 14, 2020
Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain resilience: why our filter cartridges and housings are critical economic bellwethers

Investors often talk about economic bellwethers; those industry sectors, components, products and areas of consumer demand that herald or signify trends.

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Apr 28, 2020

Filtration is a step intrinsic to many manufacturing processes that helps to guarantee the final quality and specification of your product. 

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Feb 26, 2020
BUBBLING UNDER: How a holistic look at filtration can help soft drinks manufacturers

Soft drinks companies face a tough global market. Increasing competition is a given, but manufacturers are also contending with seismic shifts in demand as more and more drinks consumers opt for healthier options.

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Feb 13, 2020
Bio-fouling Problems Solved By Supa Filters

Many water-based processes can fall victim to persistent problems with microbial contamination, often leading to bio-fouling of the filtration system.

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Oct 29, 2019
Financial and quality benefits of a Manganese Removal System


When looking to achieve required levels of water quality, there is increasing and relentless pressure to reach the high standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) and Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

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Oct 23, 2019
ON BOARD: Why We Have Joined British Water

By David Ridealgh, Marketing Manager

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Sep 20, 2019
Cryptosporidium Control By Filtration


Around the world, water utility companies share a common threat to consumer health posed by Cryptosporidium entering the water supply. 

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Sep 20, 2019
Taps Tighten On Water Pollution: What The New EU Rules Mean For You


Communities across the world have been moved to action by growing awareness of the terrible global problems caused by throwaway plastic. 

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Jan 28, 2019
Containerised filtration solutions
Skid Up To The Challenge

DWI R31 compliant skid mounted water treatment filtration system meets the turbidity challenge set by ageing conventional borehole stations.

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Dec 17, 2018
Iron Removal From Public Water Supply

In this article we look at how iron affects water quality and the different methods available for removing iron from groundwater. Iron, which is naturally present in rock and soil, is easily dissolved in water. As a result of this, water sourced from boreholes, otherwise known as groundwater can have excess iron present.

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Dec 4, 2018
How We're Reducing Our (And Your) Impact On The Environment

At Amazon Filters, we produce and globally supply top-of-the-line liquid filtration equipment used in every application imaginable. Our filter housings and assemblies are bespoke and individually designed for their specific application and the filter cartridges themselves are independently replaceable, providing our customers with complete flexibility.  

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